The Black Pill follows four young white men, all undergraduate college students. Their lives haven’t turned out the way they wanted, particularly when it comes to their relationships with women. And the end of the scenario one of them will commit a rampage shooting. After feeling repeatedly emasculated by society the shooter finds retribution in violently asserting dominance over those deemed complicit in their humiliation.

The scenario takes place in four acts that follow the men from what they believe to be undeserved rejection by women, finding camaraderie with other aggrieved men, through their sexual fantasies, to moments of social humiliation, finally culminating in a shooting. Each of the focal characters follows a similar arc through different circumstances. This similarity is intentional.

Each act is comprised of multiple scenes and activities. During scenes players will portray characters according to roleplaying prompts while making use of props to signify different characters (phalluses for the focal characters, sexualized images for women). Other activities punctuate the scenario including reading from online forum excerpts and shooter manifestos, drawing violent imagery, simulating sexual fantasies with dolls, and expressing rage through violence against a stuffed animal.

The term “black pill” refers to a deeply nihilistic worldview associated with the incel (“involuntary celibate”) community that has been credited as the inspiration and justification for numerous recent rampage shootings. To “take the black pill” means that one has seen the truth about the world (an extension of the red pill allegory from The Matrix), realizing that all social concepts are a lie, that only some are able to seize resources (sexual access to women, social standing), and most importantly that the person who has taken the black pill realizes that they are not among them. Having taken the black pill, the person in question has realized that they are ultimately doomed to misery. Since there is no such thing as morality, no hope for them personally, and no meaning for their life in general, literally any act of violence is not only justified, but encouraged.

One of these young men will take the black pill. The rest will keep their black pill in their pocket, locked and loaded, ready and waiting.  

The Black Pill will debut at Fastaval 2019.

Practical: 5 total players, 4 hours, medium to large living room or equivalent, several materials required.