With Fastaval in the rearview mirror, I'm now thinking about the future. Right now there are a lot of things I want to do.


The Wounded King has gone through another revision, and is ready for robust playtesting. I'm thinking that this will be ready to release into the wild soon.

Murder Penis, which I have felt reluctant to approach, has seen a major overhaul. I'm liking how this one is shaping up. I believe that I'll have a draft ready right as I finish up playtesting The Wounded King, which means this will be right on it's heels. It's been a long time since I was actively developing a high-impact scenario.

I have recently been incredibly inspired to develop Magnum Opus as a huge, fifty-player three-day larp. I cannot tell you how urgently excited I'm for this! But, it's a larger project than I've ever attempted before, and it will be a while before it's ready to premiere. I'm going to begin playtesting the movie making techniques later this month, but this is still a long way out.

I think the Peaceful Play tool is close as well. More playtesting is needed, but so far, so good. I may release a beta version soon.


Following my experience at Fastaval, I intend to make some final adjustments to Redshift before formally releasing the pdf. Nothing major, but now that I've seen it in action in a different play culture, I have some tweaks in mind. Ultimately, I'd like to produce a reusable boxed set. But before that...

Opera Buffa! needs to be reformatted for public consumption. This delightfully stupid game is perhaps the only project of mine truly suitable for general audiences. I'm envisioning a large card-based presentation, a DVD with music and workshops, and papercraft props.

Though I haven't actually begun working on this, I have a follow-up scenario to It's Nothing beginning to brew, currently titled It's Not Over. I'd like to give that scenario a fresh coat of paint, incorporate updated support practices, and re-release it with It's Not Over included. This is not a particularly urgent project for me right now, however. 

Finally, in the very near future, I will be getting new graphic design for both of my current tools, Hand Queues, and the Support Flower. This might even happen by the end of the month.


This is shaping up to be an active year for me, so stay tuned!