Indie Hurricane/GameLab features experimental play events at the Gamestorm Convention.

Larp House, an inclusive Twin Cities larp community.

Larp Shack, plays and promotes live-action roleplaying in central North Carolina.

Austin Larp Meetup, a monthly meetup for larpers in Austin, Texas.

Leaving Mundania, the blog of journalist and author Lizzie Stark.

The Golden Cobra Challenge, an annual public freeform game design challenge. 

Double Exposure is the host of several gaming conventions, including Metatopia and Dreamation.

Stockholm Scenario Festival celebrates freefrom roleplaying, larps, and participatory storytelling.

Fastaval a long standing roleplaying festival in Denmark.

Knutepunkt a conference about Nordic larp, play experiences, and larp design.

Wyrd Con mixes popular geekery, live games, and workshops.

BeCon, a larp convention in Chicago, Illinois.

Living Games Conference is an event for discussing all aspects of larp theory and practice.

Indie Game Developers Network is an international volunteer trade organization that supports indie game developers.

Hearthside Games fosters a supportive, safe, and inclusive larp community.

New England Interactive Literature encourages larp throughout New England and beyond.