Hi! I'm Tayler Stokes. I'm a game designer and community organizer.

I consider myself an avid explorer of "high-impact" play that is emotionally resonant and inspires self-reflection. In 2011 I began community organizing by hosting local story gaming meetup events. In 2014 I shifted my focus toward socially inquisitive and engaging play by developing tools and practices for community exploration and began working with other organizations to take the inquiry through play public. During this time I founded multiple community groups, coordinated the Indie Hurricane program at the Gamestorm Convention, hosted the Big Feel Evocative Gaming Festival, and worked with the Purposeful Players game design challenge. In addition to all of that, I write live-action scenarios that range from decidedly serious to absurdly silly.

Prior to community organizing I was a professional musician (feels like a lifetime ago) and social worker. I'm fond of strange movies and floral shirts, and dabble in masculinity studies and beekeeping. 

Reach me at tayler@theactapart.com.